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Anonymous asked: can you see without your glasses? can you take them off and take a picture? what do you do when you lose your glasses?

Without my glasses, I can only see fuzzy, colorful blobs, so I’ve come up with a contingency plan for finding them. I keep an old pair of glasses in my medicine cabinet so I can see better to find my current pair. If I were to lose those, I would probably have to call someone to help me!

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auofahumanjukebox asked: Hey! You were always my favorite as a kid. So What are you going to do after you guys finish solving mysteries?

Even though we’ve all gone off to follow our own paths for now - I am currently at NASA - I think it’s safe to say that soon enough we’ll be on the road again, searching for the next clue. I’m pretty sure that we’ll never be completely finished solving mysteries.

Never Relma?

Never Scoob.


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zoinksitsshaggy-deactivated2012 asked: Like groovy Velma, sounds like fun. Have you like found NASA like fun? I've been like cool just like hanging out with like Scob.

Sure, NASA’s been great! I get to meet a lot of interesting people with my job, not to mention take monumental steps for the achievement of mankind. I told Fred about the Rover that I sent out. I have one of the moon rocks with me! Right…

Scooby Doo I told you not to touch that!


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